• Wind analysis / measurement
  • Cost and cash management
  • Turbine selection / Contract management
  • Management of admission process through governmental institutions
  • Logistics Management
  • Site Management
  • HSE Management
  • Risk Management
  • Finishing and Gate
  • Quality Management
  • Commissioning



a. Wind analysis

  • ruzgaranaliziAnalysis through earlier measurements and wind atlas
  • Inspection of physical conditions through a site visit
  • Pre-feasibility report
  • Supply and installation of measurement equipments (min. 6 months)
  • Feasibility report
  • Financial study based on wind speed
  • Decision of investment and execution


a2. Wind speed measurementruzgarolcum


  • Getting necessary admissions to measure
  • Determining the right measurement location
  • Selection and installation of measurement mast, sensors
  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Determining wind speed potential of site



      b. Cost and cast managementmaliyet-yonetimi


  • Creating project cost structure and cost plan
  • Placing of direct and indirect expenses
  • Tracking, control and reporting
  • Project cash flow planning considering contract and work schedule
  • Cash flow plan / reporting






      c. Turbine selection / Contract Managament



  • Turbine selection through data acquisition and analysis
  • Cost / Production study to do the best choice
  • Management of the contract signed with the turbine manufacturer


 d. Management of admission process through governmental institutions



  • Determining the sources of required project documents
  • Required applications to get these documents
  • Preparation and delivery of project folders to the related governmental institutions
  • Organization of Ministry of Energy acceptance team
  • Preparation and approval of related qualifications


      e. Logistic Managementlojistik-yonetimi


  • Organizing the whole delivery plan
  • Obligations of project parties
  • Investigating the equipment damages throughout transportation process – contract management – reporting
  • Storage management of equipments on site before the installation


      f. Site Management



  • Preparation of Project Execution Plan (PEP)
  • Selection and coordination of sub-contractors
  • Regular reports
  • Logistics management
  • Civil works
  • Installation works
  • Quality Control
  • Commissioning works
  • Completing the necessary mechanical and electrical controls during installation, commissioning and completion stages
  • Preparation of official punch list of turbines before completion




          g.Risk Management



  • Identification of project risks
  • Study of probability of project risks
  • Evaluation of project risks (Time, Cost, Quality)
  • Identification of solutions to avoid project risks
  • Continous inspection of project risks



    i. HSE Management


  • Compliance with necessary HSE measures within the contract
  • Forming the HSE team
  • Regular toolboxes, meetings
  • Establishing preventative activities to minimize the accidents
  • Increasing HSE awareness of all project groups
  • Project Evaluation and previous experiences