Established in 2012, IKA Enerji starts off with support of renewable energy sources in mind and generating engineering solutions in European standards based on an experience of more than 10 years in renewable energy. Since its establishment, IKA Enerji is active and in service of licensed and unlicensed wind energy market.

With its fast growing staff, IKA Enerji took charge in installation of wind power plants with around 1200 MW installed power with varying assignments and still greatly serving in this very important sector.

This experience which is gained in years encloses different phases like project development and planning, preparation of project folders and getting permissions from related governmental institutions, financial forecasts and installation for unlicensed market. On the other hand, services at licensed market is very similar with additional ones like consultancy, site management and project management. This various range of scope surely creates an accumulation of knowledge and the best possible service to the energy investors and small and medium size enterprises.